I had the incredible opportunity this summer to work with international Latin recording artist Chayanne and his current world tour (Gigantes3) with Marc Anthony. Gigantes3 is a follow up to the very successful 3 Amigos tour in 2005 featuring Chayanne, Marc Anthony, & Alejandro Fernandez. The current Gigantes3 tour is scheduled to travel to dozens of cities in North, South, and Central America in 2012 playing to tens of thousands in each city. The concert set to feature Chayanne, Marc Anthony, and a rotation of other notable acts in Latin pop such as Marco Antonio Solis, Pittbull, Fonseca, and Carlos Vives. 

The chance to take on the design of a concert tour is always a test of endurance, creativity, passion, and patience. I designed and crafted numerous custom designs for the eight dancers showcased in Chayanne's pop show in addition to custom and designer fashions  selected for Chayanne. Every opportunity as a designer is a chance to experiment, learn, grow, challenge, and rise to the occasion with new concepts, fabrics, silhouettes, and solutions. I believe I have a great skill for designing in a live show.  Costumes must move effortlessly with the performer and make them look good from all sides all while enhancing the performance and creating an unforgettable experience for the fans.  I also have to consider the durability of the fabrics and trim as well as the maintenance of the garments in a traveling show.  Concepts of of the show ranged from heroics, Motown, Tango, Glamour, and Illusion.  
For this tour I used thousands of studs in my designs, and countless crystals.  The process took me about two months to sketch, source, pattern, and construct in time for the first show on August 3rd at the American Airlines Arena in Miami. Another large colorful feather in my cap.



11/01/2012 17:33

I know first hand the hard and tedious work that went into the design and construction of the many outfits that were made for the dancers and the time and effort in the selection of fashions for Chayanne,,these outfits are well thought out and sewn together as beautiful on the inside as on the outside,,a job well done!!!


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